DPS07: Developing Prophetic Sonship: Lesson VIII – The Elijah Paradigm

Without a prophetic (chazon) vision, the people throw off all restraint (pa’ra) [i.e., loosen, dismiss, avoid, perish ungovernable]; but he who keeps (Shomer) Torah is happy. (Proverbs 29:18, CJB). Another translation says, A nation without God’s guidance is a nation without order.  

Have you ever considered the relationship between chazon (prophetic vision) and the keeping of the Torah (the instruction)?  How are they related? In addition to “prophetic vision,” chazon can also mean “prophetic revelation” or “current revelation.”  Thus, we might translate the passage, “Where there is no current prophetic revelation, there is lawlessness.” 

God’s Torah needs to be proclaimed—to groups, to congregations and to society. If not, lawlessness, paganism, secular control and sin will pervade.