DPS05: Developing Prophetic Sonship: Prophetic Mandates From the Book of Jeremiah IV

In Lesson VI we cover Prophetic Mandate #3-4. To Destroy and Throw Down: Now this one is very interesting, and will separate the real from the fake. Real prophets of the Lord will call the people to do radical things to bring deliverance, healing and breakthroughs to an individual, a church, a city or a nation.

Do you believe you have a call to prophetic ministry? Finding your walk in the prophetic challenging and unfulfilled? Have more questions and doubts than you do answers?  It may be you are out of place prophetically and trying to walk in a function you’re underprepared or underdeveloped or ill equipped. It’s not about prophesying if your prophecy isn’t aligned with what Yahweh in heaven is speaking to the earth and His people.