DPS04: Developing Prophetic Sonship: Prophetic Mandates From the Book of Jeremiah III

In our last lesson we looked at Prophetic Mandate #1: To Root Out and discovered this phrase in Hebrew means to expel, uproot, to pluck up, to pull up. Therefore we come in the authority of the Lord and begin to open our mouth to release an authoritative correction or rebuke regarding the things that are required to be rooted out, plucked up or expelled!

We continue our study of the Prophetic Mandates From the Book of Jeremiah by looking at Prophetic Mandate #2: To Pull Down. According to what we have already learned from Malachi 3:22-24 and Matthew 17:1-5, the spirit of the today’s prophet would operate in the same anointing as Elijah in the last day fulfilling the mandate, mission and message given them from Yahweh.

So far what we’ve learned from our lessons is that, as prophets and prophetic people we have been called by Almighty God to deal more of the level of a principalities, powers and strongholds over a city, region or nation and not just the church, because if these spirits have crept into the church, then we are already being rebuked by God for allowing them to do so.