DPS00: Developing Prophetic Sonship: Introduction


We are in a last days battle for the true and pure prophetic. Generational curses of Jezebel and spirits of witchcraft can be broken when confronted with the truth of God’s Word and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. With so much controversy, misunderstanding and malfunctioning in the prophetic, there is a need for sound and biblical teaching, training and mentoring in this necessary gifting to the body of Christ. How do we receive the transfer of the prophetic mantles? In the School of The Prophets and Prophetic Ministry, Apostle Ingram will help you explore the process, the protocol and the preparation for developing in prophetic ministry to receive and release the prophetic transference. In Session 1, Apostle Ingram begins establishing a foundation for understanding and the background of Jezebel and her tactics.