Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Does Membership Also Unlock Your ‘Training Courses’ and ‘Live Streams’?

Only the BAIMtv® Platinum Global Access subscription gives you access to the complete Library of both video and audio content. Only a tiny percentage of that material is ever made available in front of the ‘paywall’. Your monthly fee goes to ensuring we provide 2-4 pieces of content monthly and helps us compensate outside vendors who support the foundation of this dynamic system. The BAIMtv® Library can be thought of as an internet-age continuing education product.

How Often Is New Content Added To The Library?

Throughout the month you can expect to see 2 – 4 new pieces of content released on an as available basis. The exact number and mix of video and content will vary from month to month. The exact release schedule will also vary from week-to-week and month-to-month depending on production schedule and product availability.

Can I Download Video & Audio From The Library?

Currently we are not offering downloads of video and audio content from the Library to your computer. All program subscriptions are limited to streaming only.

What Methods of Payments Are Accepted?

We accept secure payments through both PayPal and Square credit card payment systems. PayPal is required for recurring subscription payments. We also offer credit card payments us Square giving members full featured, secure control over their credit card and debit card details, directly from our website… without us keeping ANY of that information on our servers.

Are My Payment Details Safe On Your Site?

Yes! BAIMtv® doesn’t store any payment details on our site. Our payment processors PayPal and Square, processes billions in transactions each year, and are some of the most trusted online payment processors. Both PayPal and Square employ the strictest levels of encryption on all transactions. Every session on BAIMtv® is also protected with Strict SSL protocols, securing EVERY page, not just the payment pages. We will not sell or make your details available to any party, EVER!

Our SSL certificate authority is Lightsail an AWS SSL provider supported by Mozilla, Google and Cisco so your financial transactions are safe and secure.

Do You Offer Refunds?

As we do not meter or limit the amount of content you can consume in a month, our refund policy only activates after 90 days. If after becoming a subscriber you decide to cancel, you can do so after 90-days from the ‘My Account‘ page where you can manage all details of your subscription. You will have full access to the site until the end of your current billing cycle, after which access will be revoked.

Platinum, and Gold subscribers are typically granted refunds if they ask early enough in their subscription period. There are no refunds for Bronze standalone subscribers or OnDemand purchases as content has been viewed and cannot be reversed.

May I Request A Particular Topic Be Covered In My Subscription?

Of course! If you have any thoughts or areas you would be interested in seeing us cover please contact us and let us know. We conduct periodic surveys from our subscriber-ship and if enough people agree on your request we will provide information and material on your desired topic. We’re always listening to what you say and need, so we can offer the best topics for our subscribers.