As a subscriber of BAIMtv® you are now among a select group of individuals who have ventured beyond the veil for what will prove to be an amazingly educational journey. We can assure you we are one of the first to offer this type service and we are very proud and honored to do so. It has been a labor of love and a tremendous gift from God to the Body of Christ!

To help you get started and ensure your first experience is a pleasurable one, here are a few helpful tips to to keep in mind.

Android Devices and Mobile Viewing

Tip #1) If you plan on using an Android device to watch video content, please open the website using a Google Chrome browser, it works best. Other Android browsers may not show all the video and graphical content.

iOS devices such as Apple iPads and iPhones view just fine using either Safari or Google Chrome.

Connectivity and Streaming

Tip #2) As with any streaming service, for the best video quality having a high-speed internet connection works best as well. Our videos are in HD so having a fast WiFi connection minimizes your phones data plan usage, because videos can be resource intensive.

We suggest connecting to WiFi whenever possible; however, videos are converted to run on connected bit rates as slow as 240p, so wifi is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Desktop Computers and SmartTV’s

Tip #3) When conveniently possible, we suggest using a computer with a wired connect to get the best experience from our service. This helps with note-taking, especially for our instructional videos. If you are familiar with mirroring technology, you may pair your device or computer with your SmartTV to view the library content. We’ve tested that feature and it is fantastic! Great for group study and fellowships.

Most popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Mozilla and Safari have been tested to work on PC’s and Mac devices.

Support and Contact

Tip #4) Although we have tested the service on several types of devices, it’s not uncommon to experience something we have not encountered during testing. As with all technology, especially new releases things happen and we’re sure you will hit a bump here or there.

No need to worry, we are here to help you whenever you need it, so feel free to reach out to us if you have questions, experience any troubles or just want to say hello. Support is available via anytime via email at help@baingram.com. When emailing, please be as detailed as possible in your correspondence so we can provide the correct answer and diagnose your trouble accurately.

Support requests are answered in the order they are received within 24-36 hours, depending on the severity of the issue.