Yom Kippur: The Seventh Trumpet & The Seventh Bowl – Introduction

The Seventh Trumpet announces the “coming” of the Lord to take to Himself those who have prepared themselves before and during the period of great persecution. But when, the Seventh Angel pours out his Bowl of wrath into the air, a loud voice is heard from the temple in heaven saying, “It is done.” AMEN… It is the personal, visible return of the Lord that causes the final bowl of wrath to be poured out. 

There has been a teaching among most of the Christian Church that encourages them that we all will escape the day of trouble and be raptured out of here before all hell break loose. However, that is not what scripture validates and that escapism philosophy no longer holds water. In this introduction and throughout this series, Apostle B lays our the course for the believer and non-believer to be ready whether that have been taught to hold to a pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation or post-tribulation belief.

Either way, it’s time to Get Right and Let’s Go Home! Will you be ready?