Yom Kippur: The Seventh Bowl – The Great Shaking

While the church continues to play religious games with the lives of Yahweh’s people and hide the truth from the deceived masses, we are preparing a people for the end days and the greatest harvest of souls. As a result of the prophets, preachers and teachers today adopting, living and purporting false gospels and messiahs the world has declined into Babylonianism and the church has slipped into apostasy.  Yeshua is not pleased with His Church or His children of the earth and neither is the Ancient of Days!

It’s not an easy work or popular message, but someone’s got to do it! Someone who truly see’s what’s on the horizon has to cry loud and spare not and warn the people of what’s coming. Apostle B is doing just that! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, from the heavens to the earth! PREPARE TO MEET THE KING! Are you ready for the end?