Shavu’ot #2 | The Mystery of the Two Loaves

As part of the Shavout ceremony, the priest was to take some of the barley, lift it up, and wave it to the Lord in the sight of all the people (Leviticus 23:9-22). While this ceremony would turn people’s attention to the harvest aspect of the festival, Bikkurim was to also have a deeper, spiritual meaning. This spiritual picture comes into focus when Yeshua tells his disciples that his body will be like the grain of barley that must die in order to produce more fruit. Yet he would also be lifted up in the resurrection and “waved” before the people for all to see. 

Additionally, disciples of Yeshua would be lifted up before The Lord during the harvest in fulfillment of the promise to be empowered by The Spirit when He comes. Have you received the power of the Holy Spirit since you believed?