Prophecy and Eschatology Update 2020 | vol.2 Interesting Facts About the Pandemic

In addition to the people of the world, believers are feeling the stress of the #WuhanVirus (#Coronavirus, #covid-19) threat, and although I do not agree with the unlicensed panic, I understand the weight of what they’re facing. But, we need to look fear in the face and then find a way to overcome it. Our strength during this time is that we don’t have to face fear alone. Our God has not given us the spirit of fear, but He has given us what we need to overcome fear. 

As the Body of Christ we cannot afford to allow the system of the world to come to dictate our behavior. These days of preparation should be equipping us to gather the greatest harvest of our generation, if we do not give in to the pressure to remain shut-in and isolated.