LTG12: No Longer under the Law but Grace? – The Torah is The Whole Command


These last few week’s we’ve discussed so much in these masterclass’s, including several misunderstood and misquoted passages of the Apostle Paul, which too many religious people use to escape the observance of the Torah. The problem is, the emphasis is not on following each one of God’s instructions as separate or distinct parts. Instead, they need to be viewed as a whole. If not,  we are hypocrites if we keep only part of the Torah, and not all of it. A hypocrite is one who claims something for himself or herself that is not true. Our inability just makes us inconsistent. We should follow God as completely as we can at our present stage of development and seek to grow into following his guidelines more fully, and not seek ways to avoid walking in the higher order yetzer hatov (good impulse) just because our lower nature yetzer hara (evil impulse) dictates otherwise.