LTG09: No Longer under the Law but Grace? – The Hebrew Truth of Grace And Favor is Mercy


In our last masterclass we covered so many topics including: a review of the Hebrew meanings of grace, truth and favor; reviewing the first usages of the word grace in scripture; an examination of the pictographic Hebrew script for the words grace and favor; the noun and verb forms of the words grace and favor, and a translation of the verbs underlined and the word that it is paralleled with in scripture. In this lesson we examine what the various scripture we have studied have in common and how they are related to the parent root חן (hhen), which is a combination of two Hebrew letters. The first letter Hhet, which was written as ( ח ) and is a picture of a wall and having the meaning of “separation” as the wall separates the inside from the outside. The second letter is the letter nun, which was written as ( ן )  and is a picture of a sprouting seed having the meaning of “continue” as the seed continues a lineage to the next generation. All of this from a concrete Hebraic perspective, points to Yahweh as חנן (Hh.N.N), which we can sum up Yahweh, who is grace and shows His favor in “providing protection” as His gift of mercy. Come and learn more of the Hebraic truth contained in the scripture.