fatherSPEAKS S02EP00: Testing Upcoming Episodes

fatherSPEAKS [s02EP00]

I am preparing for a new season of fatherSPEAKS and while we are testing, I share three tips as part of “A Leader’s Spiritual Maintenance Checklist.” In 2018 we completed 15 dynamic episodes where we covered such topics as Covenant, Relationship, Purpose and Leadership, and by request of my sons, daughters, ministry partners and tv subscribers I am returning for another season. fatherSPEAKS is an evening chat session with me where I speak to a select audience intimately and transparently during a time of teaching that will help them in their leadership journey and better prepare them to understand their purpose in life, ministry and the kingdom. This season I am featuring an all new format with interactive chat, Q & A and taking your live phone calls.