LTG02: Law, Truth and Grace – Introduction II


In part two of the new series, “No Longer under the Law but Grace? The Meaning of Law & Truth of Grace from a Hebrew perspective” Apostle Ingram continues his overview by laying the foundation of the teaching for the next few sessions. Perhaps you’ve heard the criticism that states: “Since we’re no longer under the Law but under Grace, Judaism is legalism.”  While it may be true, we are no longer under the Law (in the Romans 6 context), neither has the Law been done away with. In Matthew 5:17 Yeshua said, He did not come “to abolish [the Law] but to complete.” Let’s see what “HE” meant by complete compared to what church and religion says complete means. Today, under the Covenant our relationship to the Law has changed, but to say there is no Law is error! Listen in and learn the truth of religion’s fall from Grace in abandonment of Torah.